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Content Creation Strategy - Live from Pubcon

Posted by Tim Mayer on Wed, Oct 8, 2014 @ 12:57 PM

This session was about how inbound marketing has changed in recent years to include content as a foundation for driving inbound traffic, conversions, and sales. The panel included Arnie Kuenn, Phillip Thune, and Sean Jackson, with Scott Hendison moderating. 


Sean Jackson of Copyblogger

What is a Content Strategy:

Effective use of content that enhances the buying process

8 Phases of the Buying Process:

  1. Category awareness: I need a mobile phone
  2. Brand Awareness: Apple has a mobile phone
  3. Brand Consideration: Google Samsung has a competing product
  4. Brand Preference: I am an apple fanboy
  5. Purchase Intent: Look at cost
  6. Purchase
  7. Customer retention
  8. Brand Advocates: I love this phone
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Pubcon 2014 Keynote from Chris Brogan

Posted by Tim Mayer on Wed, Oct 8, 2014 @ 11:08 AM


Brand versus Mission

Brand is the outward expression of the mission.

Mission is what drives your deepest purposed is the outward expression of the mission.

Match these well for excellence.

Mission is the mast and service fills those sails.

Content is the drum that puts that all together- tells the story before you show up.


Content that Drives Mission

No longer should you compete on cost – compete on mission.

Chris uses the example of a regular gym at $10 per month, and a CrossFit gym where people pay $150-200 per month.

CrossFit has crazy workouts - run a mile, do 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, then run another mile. People that want to be attached to a bigger mission will pay for that.


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Buyer Legends: The Executive Storyteller's Guide - Live from Pubcon Las Vegas

Posted by Tim Mayer on Tue, Oct 7, 2014 @ 11:29 AM

Today, I'm live blogging from Pubcon Las Vegas, one of biggest digital marketing and online advertising conferences of the year. In between speaking and moderating, I will be trying to catch as many sessions as possible and will be recapping them all right here - stay tuned!

The first session I sat in on was Buyer Legends: The Executive Storyteller's Guide by Jeffrey Eisenberg.  


Everyone wants just one thing. Just one thing? The one thing that if you do everything will fall into place with your business. 

Everyone wants to accomplish something and there is pressure to do things on deadlines and not a lot of time to think and get things right. Processes are important if you want to do things over and over again and scale it.

The one thing that is needed is a business process and it is dead simple:

Buyer Legends is a business process that combines the emotional power of storytelling with hard data to open new opportunities, spot gaps and optimize sales and marketing. 

Buyer legends communicate a brand story intent and critical touch point responsibilities within every level of the organization - from the boardroom to the stockroom.

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