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Meet the Search Engines with Matt Cutts from Google and Duane Forrester

Posted by Tim Mayer on Thu, Mar 13, 2014 @ 03:11 PM



Attending the SMX conference this week I sat in on “Meet the Search Engines” a panel that I used to be a speaker on representing Inktomi, Fast, Overture and Yahoo for many years along with Matt and others. Here are my takeaways:

Themes this year for Google:

1) Mobile- more of web using mobile and you should make your site accessible and optimized for mobile viewing 

2) SSL- Encourage all sites to use SSL so user’s privacy can be protected

3) Javascript- Google is getting better at executing the javascript on pages so services using tools like Disqus will be more visible to Google so web sites should unblock their javascript or CSS from Google.

Next Gen Panda:

Google will be launching a next Generation Panda which will be a softer and milder panda and is aimed to help small businesses not get sucked into Panda penalties.

Link networks: 

Google is going to continue to crack down on link networks. Next week they will be banning a German, Polish and Spanish Link Networks as well as a well known guest blog network in the US.

Webmaster academy

Google is going to reinvigorate their Webmaster academy and focus on helping newbie webmasters and multi-channel marketers (AKA as people that don't spend their whole day focused on SEO.

IE8 Traffic Drop

Webmasters will see traffic coming from IE8 drop for the next 2-3 weeks as Google typically supports the last two versions of browsers.

Not Provided

Google is happy with the way Google is protecting the keywords in organic results

Tim Mayer
Chief Marketing Officer

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